My team and I do more than just diagnose environmental problems. In partnership with experts from across the country, we discover what we can do to reduce those effects for the benefit of people and nature. And we collaborate with people outside of the university–the “Ivory Tower”–to accomplish this lofty goal.

We are willing to put forth controversial ideas like moving species around to adapt to climate change or gathering information about greenhouse gas emissions to share with corporate investors. And we aren’t just bringing up these ideas, but we’re staying at the table to talk about them and see transformative ideas implemented in the broader world.

Academics have a critical role to play in helping to build a sustainable future, but universities are just one part of the sustainability ecosystem. I’m honored to be a member of the governing or advisory boards of several organizations who also are striving toward a sustainable future, science for all, and on-the-ground conservation. Please check out their good work:

Vision for the Twin Cities

In this video from the Greater MSP Partnership, I was honored to join leaders from across Minneapolis and St. Paul in sharing our vision for the region’s future. (You’ll find my snippet at about 2:20.)