Public speaking examples

My thoughts on climate change adaptation, thanks to TEDx:

A recent research seminar on controversies in climate change adaptation and how we develop and test new techniques for helping nature adapt to a changing climate.

A conversation about the environment, COVID-19, and Geofinancial Analytics with Tony Loyd on the podcast, Social Entrepreneur.

Listen to my thoughts on geoengineering the climate with Michael Noble and Roopali Phadke on Kerri Miller’s MPR radio program.

At the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in 2018, I spoke about how universities can better serve the common good in sustainability and show how the Institute on the Environment is a leading example:

In Nov. 2017, I described how I see the world, humanity’s role in the world and the sustainable future that we can build, at the 10-Year anniversary celebration of the Institute on the Environment (read the text of the talk here):

And two clips from Minnesota Public Radio’s April 2018 live event of Climate Cast….


Please listen to the entire program, for the other panelists and a group of inspiring high school students working on climate resiliency.